Woods Equipment comes with over 55 years of experience in the mowing and landscape business.

Woods; often imitated but never duplicated.  

This company offers a full line of rugged, high quality attachments with innovative features that increase productivity, maximize performance, and minimize down time; whether they're needed for commercial use or general lawn care projects.

Woods engineering has created a line of equipment that is safe, reliable, and high quality designed to meet and exceed the demands of our customers.

Several companies make up the Woods name, including Gannon, Alitec, Gill, Tisco and Wain-Roy.

Gannon hb72The Woods box blade is our most requested product. The HB72 is a medium duty blade, working well with tractors 40 - 70 HP.  Features include a floating hinged tailgate adaptability to a full range of grading conditions, strong 3/8"  end plates that are designed for years of performance, and a 1/2" wear plate that is welded to the end plates to increase life.

Gannon is the manufacturer of industrial box blades.  The units come equipped with a tradition of reliability and performance using modern materials and state of the art manufacturing.  These blades can be used for ripping of hard pan, rough and fine grading, moving piles of material and spreading asphalt and aggregate materials.


For more information or to speak with a salesman, please call 281-342-0787.

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