Congressman Pete Olsen visited Rosenberg Tractor today, spoke with Gary and gave him this recognition:  Pete Olsen Plaque 8 9 18


Customer Appreciation Open House April 6, 2018
Thank you to everyone that attended.  We appreciate every one of you!

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Gary Allred
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2016 Small Acerage Management Series
Texas A&M Agrilife Extension
Fort Bend County AG Specialists
July 14th Outdoor and Equipment Safety


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Gary Allred, Rosenberg Tractor,  and John Gordy, AG Speicalist, leading a presentation on Outdoor and Equipment Safety.  Specifically speaking on Tractor safety, lawn and garden safety.

The leading cause of farm accidents is a lapse in human judgment.  The National Safery Council reports 11,000 disabling accidents annually in the U.S.  Over 700 of these result in fatalities:  Fatal: 36% were caused my machinery.  Non-fatal:  46% were due to machinery and 23% due to livestock.  44% of tractor fatalities were due to roll-overs.

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All tractors today have a safety switch in the transmission or the clutch to prevent you fromstarting while in gear.  Don't bet your life on a $10 switch!  Never start the tractor from the ground; there's no way to get awy from that tire!  Tractors also have individual brake pedals for left & right to assist in turns..  When roading, always lock the pedals together and never have riders. Always let loader and implements down before dismounting and operate the load at the lowest safe height.

Please READ and understand your Tractor safety and operating manual.

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All tractors built today have a roll-over protection system (ROPS); either cab and/or open and with seat belts.  ROPS are certified to hold the entire weight of the tractor in the event of a rollover.  If you are secure in the seat, you will survive a roll-over.  Roll-overs don't just happen to teh side but it is also possible to roll over backward.  Know the correct pull-point and always keep the drawbar below the center of gravity. 

When on an incline, creek or pond bank and you sense a roll over, steer into the incline, even if you end up in the ditch or pond.  Gary can come out and winch the tractor out for you and bring it in for service.

ROPS were mandatory on tractors before the late 1990's.  Many tractors older than that may not have ROPS installed.  If  your tractor does not have roll-over protection, we will be happy to help you find the correct ROPS for your particular tractor as well as install it for you.


Power Take Off (PTO)

Rotary cutters are the most common PTO driven implements.  Post hole diggers are also one of themost dangerous.  All have protective shielding that needs to be left in place.  The PTO shaft is rotating at 540 RPM and can wrap an arm or leg around nine times in one second.  Clothing is very important here: Wear proper fitting  long sleeves, long pants and boots - nothing too loose that could entangle in the PTO.

Wear eye protection in the event of discharge.  Ear plugs are also a good practice.  Keep a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher rated for multiple use on board: one for electric fires, grass/hay fires and fuel fires.

If the Air Conditioning is NOT working in the tractor cab, the tractor is BROKEN.  Do not operate a tractor with a broken or inoperating air conditioner.  The cab gets really hot, really fast and you can experience heat exhaustion or heat stoke. Heat stroke can be fatal!!

Do not operate the tractor during bad weather - that tractor is the tallest thing in the field and you can get hit by lightening.

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Many people are not aware that the tractor wheels can be widened to help prevent rollovers.  This service procedure should be completed by a certified tractor mechanic following the manufacturers recommended guidelines.  This particular tractor was widened for a customer of Rosenberg Tractor.

IMG 2723 When having your tractor on the road, be sure all the lights are operating and turned on and that you have a SMV on the back of the tractor (slow moving vehicle warning.)  This particular tractor was hit in the left rear side by a pickup truck.  Even the loader frame was bent!  The driver survived because of the ROPS, the cab and his seat belt.  Yes, he did have a SMV sign on the back; however, it is now laying on the road somewhere.






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Scag Customer Appreciation Open House 2016 was great.  Many of our customers attended and we appreciate everyone's participation!  


Christmas Party 2015

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